The second volume of our MDP bundle includes chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8 of our popular Dream Pads series. This collection sheds a new light on the qualities of Thor, the NNXT, Malstrom and our beloved Subtractor.

Price per Unit (piece): €69.00


  • Over 550 Combinator patches focused on the individual qualities of Thor, the NNXT, Malstrom and the Subtractor.
  • 50+ tutorialesque demos in the rns format.
  • Lots of nice goodies.
  • Great bargain!

Chaos Dream

Sixth Sense

Milky Way

Ambient Monotones

Deep Sea
(Gregor Theelen)

Arabian Nights
(Gregor Theelen)

The Magic Chicken



MDP05 has been fully dedicated to Thor and its sonic capabilities. Reminicense of old analog machines can't be denied but we wouldn't give Thor enough credit if we would put too much emphasis to this. Thor adds its very own distinctive character to our dream pads collection. And apart from being beautiful and unique this character is extremely versatile and rich. Just like its 4 predecessors MDP05 is organically consistent which means that all patches mingle very well together in your mixes. This also means that if you need to give your musical project a coherent atmosphere, MDP05 might be the perfect sound source to achieve this.


Ambient and electronic composers! This one's made for you. The main themes for this refill are dreams, space atmos, analog sound sculpturing and going back to the early age of sampling when Fairlight, Emulator and Synclavier were considered as being the ultimate magic music machines. Music for Airports by Brian Eno was only recent history.  Wizards like Vangelis, Jarre, Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Todd Rundgren experienced a new era in their musical careers. Back in 1986 our young producer Harding got himself the Emulator 2. No more than 17.6 seconds were available for sampling. Back then this was Walhalla! This funny, warm and characterfull kind of formant shifting quality these pre-historical samplers had became sonic archetypes that set out the pace of the electronic sound of the eighties. Inspired by the charming impossibilities of these  flagships we started working on the refill. We sampled lots of hardware synths and we even ripped some sounds from other MDP refills. And in most cases we sampled only one note! No multilayering hypersampling tricks.


To get inspiration for this seventh part of our MDP-series we watched lots of old James Bond movies as well as the beautiful documentaries by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It was the breathtaking atmosphere of underwater scenes we were mainly heading for. The Malström was our only supplier of sound with which we sculptured a sonic background for this silent world. Malström has been praised many times but as far as we know this is the first commercial refill ever that has been fully dedicated to its wicked charms and countless possibilities. Its sound character perfectly matches our ambition to give sound to the silence of the oceans. Most sounds are constantly on the move and full of life.... Never a dull moment: Depth, Clarity, a little Raw and Sweet with a Bite!



Sometimes it just needs to sound nice and juicy. Or kinda old, retro, not too big, not too fat. And let's not call it analog, since it isn't. Lo-fi and med-fi always get sampled. They hardly ever get reproduced preserving full control over every single detail. One needs a synthesizer like the Subtractor to do so. So Mystic Dream Pads #8 is all about the Sub with its undeniably unique sounding character. It will help you find some golden eggs.

Inspired by Pink Floyd era 1972-1975, Genesis era 1970-1973, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Jan Hammer and a little Tangerine Dream. The inspiration was pure musical and atmosphere wise, don't expect emulations of their sound palets. We've already done that (our refills Analog Signature and Analog Seventies). This time our ambition was to add something to these guys'  palets as if they owned a PC and a copy of Reason back then. They already had Moogs, Arps, Hammonds, CS80's, Jupiters and Mellotrons but no Subtractor (yet).