The incredibly versatile and super big inspiration resource kit for Hip Hop producers.

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Showing off a little
It's gotten time to present to you our biggest and most impressive release ever. Hip Hop Flavours is incredibly versatile and probably one of the largest hip hop libraries around. The 900+ mb refill carries a whopping 4600 files and will be shipped to you for free on a dvd which includes all wave loops and rex files. Besides this the refill itself will be downloadable immediately after you have bought it. No rappers, no scratching but:

  • 735 mb loops categorized in 10 folders: 2-track loops, bass loops, drum loops, first generation loops, full beats, guitarish loops, keyboard loops, misc loops, percussion loops and the Solarfield guitar loops.
  • 180 RNS tutorialesque song files which can be used as song starters. Copyright free for those who legally bought Hip Hop Flavours.
  • 225 ReQuencer style Beat Matrix combinators. Zillions of drum beats will come out of these once you start combining them.
  • Hundreds of unique mostly orchestral samples coming from our private archives we built over the past 20 years. These samples are taken from original, analog master tapes and sound deliciously vintage. We call this collection our "2-Track Archives".
  • 100 orchestral loops: Orchestral Flavours!
  • 92 audio preview combinators categorized in BPMs as well as categorized according to the names of the folders where you can find the raw loops and samples.
  • Over 80 redrum kits and lots of patches for all other modules.
  • Over 2200 single shot drum and percussion samples.
  • Mastering combinators to lo-fi, magnify, coolify or just screw up your sound.

Stabbing Flavours

The Bad Things

Orchestral Loop 78bpm Brother ship
(Orchestral Flavours Combinator Patch)

2-Track Archives Delight

(Sam Kingston)

Cleverly organized preview combinators
Let's say you are checking the preview combinator section in search for some inspiration and you like one of the beats you are hearing while pressing some keys on your keyboard. The patch name of the combinator carries the same name as the folders where you can find the original wave loops and rex loops that were used to create that beat you liked. Open up the NNXT, press "select zone via midi" and in the large display you will see the name of the original sample along with its bpm rate highlighted. The name corresponds with lots of files spread over the whole refill. You'll find beat matrixes, RNS files, rex files, audio loops all carrying that same name. Now it's time to gather everything you think you wanna use and start tweaking until you have created your own unique beat. Apart from name organisation there is also the possibility to search through the BPM preview combinators. It's quite simple to get to know Hip Hop Flavours, once you have finished two or three beats, you will conveniently find your way through the refill.

Be Creative!
Please start to combine everything with everything and do your own unique thing. Tweak, change presets of modules that are embedded within the combinators, record new loops and import them back into Reason and tweak them more using all our gear. Of course everything within this refill is copyright free for those who have legally bought it, but you don't want to end up sounding like somebody else of course. So be creative!

2 Track Archives
In the 2 Track Archives you can find hundreds of samples taken from unique instrumental performances that were once used on albums our producers made over the past 20 years. The original recordings have been done using analog desks by Harrisson, Neve and SSL, great vintage mikes by Neuman, AKG, Bruel and Kjaer and Sennheiser. The tape recorders were always  Studers (A80's and A820's using 2-inch Agfa and Ampex tapes).  You'll find lots of stabs, string quartets, live piano, harps, muted trumpets etc.  All there to become a part of your unique and creatively constructed beat. Please note that we'll send you a dvd with all original waves so you can use and/or tweak this material outside Reason too!

Orchestral Flavours
How about making beats with largely midi orchestrated classical wave loops? Just open up an Orchestral Flavours combinator  in the preview section and see how the loops are divided over the keys of your keyboard in such a way that you have each orchestral section in solo: Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Tuned Percussion, Percussion and several details like solos or important counter melodies as well. When you hit all the keys at the same time, you'll hear the full arrangement! It's big fun. Please note that we'll send you a dvd with all original waves so you can use and/or tweak this material outside Reason too!

If you would want a uniquely tailor made set of Orchestral Flavoured loops which won't be sold to other users please let us know.

Hip Hop Flavours has been created by English super talent KAOM and our good old Dutchy Harding based on ideas by our new family member, hip hop connaisseur and LA based producer Sam Kingston who followed the production process from a short distance and who stayed with us as our hip hop consultant bugging us with his great enthusiasm and invaluable input. Sam also performed the rapping on our demo tracks (this rap is not included in the refill). Thanks Sam! All Solarfield guitar and bass loops are performed by studio sessions centipede Solarfield aka Wouter Weiland from the Hague, the Netherlands.