Hundreds of analog recorded orchestral and instrumental performances sampled into great clips and stabs. The Orchestral Flavours loops as well as a 200+ rexfiles bonus set are also included! Every file in this refill can also be found in Hip Hop Flavours.

Price per Unit (piece): €24.90


  • Hundreds of unique mostly orchestral performances coming from our private archives we built over the past 20 years. These samples are taken from original, analog master tapes and sound deliciously vintage.
  • 100 orchestral loops: Orchestral Flavours!
  • A 200+ bonus set of Hip Hop Flavoured rex files.

In the 2 Track Archives you can find hundreds of samples taken from unique instrumental performances that were once used on albums our producers made over the past 20 years. The original recordings have been done using analog desks by Harrisson, Neve and SSL, great vintage mikes by Neuman, AKG, Bruel and Kjaer and Sennheiser. The tape recorders were always  Studers (A80's and A820's using 2-inch Agfa and Ampex tapes).

Lots of these sampled performances are exact copies from the original master tapes while others are heavily tweaked and processed, still carrying that special character but with strange and exciting ET qualities.

The samples are conveniently categorized into 11 sub folders:

  • Drumhits
  • Flutes
  • FX
  • Guitar
  • Misc
  • Piano
  • Stabs and Chords
  • Strings
  • Synths
  • Vox
  • Wind and Horns



This collection goes beyond hip hop and is also great for other dance styles, ambient or filmscoring. The fun really starts when you start tweaking, pitching and processing these almost 400 samples.

Orchestral Flavours
How about making beats with largely midi orchestrated classical wave loops? Just open up an Orchestral Flavours combinator  in the preview section and see how the loops are divided over the keys of your keyboard in such a way that you have each orchestral section in solo: Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Tuned Percussion, Percussion and several details like solos or important counter melodies as well. When you hit all the keys at the same time, you'll hear the full arrangement! It's big fun.

Be Creative!
Please start to combine everything with everything and do your own unique thing. Tweak, change presets of modules that are embedded within the combinators, record new loops and import them back into Reason and tweak them more using all our gear. Of course everything within this refill is copyright free for those who have legally bought it, but you don't want to end up sounding like somebody else of course. So be creative!