The trance construction refill for Reason 3.04 and higher covers many sub styles from commercial sounding Euro Trance, Epic Trance and Vocal Trance to more hypnotic and artistic forms like Psy Trance and Goa.

Price per Unit (piece): €39.90


What is it?
The Digital Art Trance Station construction refill covers many sub styles from commercial sounding Euro Trance, Epic Trance and Vocal Trance to more hypnotic and artistic forms like Psy Trance and Goa. Trance Station is a great sound resource for experienced trance producers but it's initially being built with those in mind who got a job to make trance music without being familair (yet!) with this popular style. Trance Station's templates will get everyone going on the fly!
Trance Station is produced and compiled by the well known dutch producer/musician Wim Broersma aka Digital Art who led our team of sounddesigners towards this impressively complete and great sounding refill.


  • Over 200 Combinators containing leads, pads, drum machines, ReQuences and everything else you'll need.
  • 150 sampled FX (wooshes, drops, bangs, lasers etc.).
  • 100 RNS templates with phrases containing chords, basses, leads and arpeggios. These templates are great starters for your new track! All templates will be copyright free for those who have bought our Digital Art Trance Station Refill.
  • More than 1000 drum and percussion sounds, tailor made for trance and all its sub styles.
  • And there is much more!

How does it sound like?
From our download section you can get a free demo version containing the exact same folder structure like Trance Station has. We have deleted most patches and samples from all these folders but there are enough goodies left to give you a clear idea how it will be like when you own a copy of Trance Station. This 20 mb demo refill will get you going on the fly!

Mystical Dreaming
(2 JOY)

TS Demo 1
(Trance Station RNS Templates)

TS Demo 2
(Trance Station RNS Templates)

TS Demo 3
(Trance Station RNS Templates)

TS Demo 4
(Trance Station RNS Templates)

Who needs another trance refill?
This question is quite silly since there are not many Reason refills especially produced for trance music. However... If someone would ask we couldn't name one as versatile and complete like Trance Station is. Trance music has been dominating the sales figures in the European music industry over the past decade and still lots of collegues get more and more requests to compose/produce Trance for AV, television, commercials, compilation albums and of course the dance floor. If you are on a trance job and still being on the look out for great sounds: Trance Station will definitely be the answer!

Could you sell your Roland, Nordlead, Virus or Waldorf now?
No... of course not! These icons will always keep their value but you will definitely welcome Trance Station as a great addition to your sound. We trust however that lots of collegues will dare to climb the stage or enter any studio only carrying a laptop, a copy of Reason and Digital Art's Trance Station.

Listen to the demos

There are 4 mp3 demos containing 22 phrases from the templates folder within Trance Station. These phrases are copyright free for everyone who has purchased Trance Station. Please note that these phrases are meant as convenient starters and have some tutorial value for those who want to get into making trance. The phrases are in no way representing complete productions or tracks.


Sound design by Wim Broersma, Cecil Harding and Raimon Spigt.
Many thanks to Wim van Gelder from Icone for licensing 4 very fine samples which we used for some of our pads.