Over 100 combinator patches containing enchanting pads and sound scapes varying from very common OB like analog strings to experimental and haunting sounds.

Price per Unit (piece): €24.90


Instant Control
We have created over 100 combinator patches for you containing enchanting pads and soundscapes varying from very common OB like analog strings to experimental and haunting soundscapes. The majority of these patches are programmed for instant control using the buttons and knobs. Never forget to try your modulation wheel to see if there's something special hidden there.

Alive and Natural
Since we use the subtractor and malström a lot as well as bpm-synced effects, you can expect our patches to be lively and dynamic. Therein lies our major advantage when comparing this refill to the numerous, often overcompressed, sampled libraries and sample based VST instruments. Our pads and soundscapes will integrate more naturally in your mixes. Try it out!
Whether you are a new age artist or scoring a horror movie... if you really can't find what you are looking for in Mystic Dreampads vol1, you'll just have to wait for vol2!

Ambient Matrix 04
(Single Combinator Performance)

Anna & Karla
(Single Combinator Performance)

(Single Combinator Performance)

Getting Lost

Jingle Wells
(Single Combinator Performance)

Signature Samples
A part of the Mystic Dreampads samples are also embedded in our Signature Refill. We reprocessed them, looped them and started making brand new patches with them. These samples are recordings from home made NI Reaktor ensembles and instruments we built in Sync Modular by Dr. Sync. The quality of their oscilators and filters blow away the competition in the music software world.

Soundscape Generators
In the folder 'ambient matrixes' you can find some 'auto run' soundscapes. These combinators sound best when played at very low bpm rates. It all sounds very random but it isn't. If you find an interesting phrase at a certain spot (say bar #345), just isolate that spot between your left and right locators and export this 'loop' as an audio file. Then import it back into the NNXT, Dr. Rex (if you use Recycle) or some other tool. Before exporting you can use the knobs for extra control over your sound. The sample might not be as flexible as the original source would’ve been, but it will sound equally well. Don't forget to solo the combinator track you want to export. These 'ambient matrixes' can be used as excellent soundscape generators. For some extra fun, just open up the combinators and start tweaking the synthesizers and matrixes.