Part 5 of our popular sequel is fully dedicated to Thor. A must have gem for your collection!

Price per Unit (piece): €24.90


Full credit to Thor
MDP05 has been fully dedicated to Thor and its sonic capabilities. Reminicense of old analog machines can't be denied but we wouldn't give Thor enough credit if we would put too much emphasis to this. Thor adds its very own distinctive character to our dream pads collection. And apart from being beautiful and unique this character is extremely versatile and rich.

Coherent atmosphere
Just like its 4 predecessors MDP05 is organically consistent which means that all patches mingle very well together in your mixes. This also means that if you need to give your musical project a coherent atmosphere, MDP05 might be the perfect sound source to achieve this.


Over 130 combinator patches can be found in 8 different folders:

  • Ambient
  • Bright
  • Conventional Pads
  • FX & Experimental
  • Miscellaneous
  • Old MDP Reminisence
  • Rhythmic
  • Single Finger Chords

Note to the mp3 demos
Every sound, every single note you hear in these demos is coming from Thor. Only in the last track named Sixth Sense you'll hear two additional rex loops, a cello sample,  1 violin phrase, a sampled gong and a sampled orchestral bass drum type of sound. These samples are not included in MDP05, you can find those in our refill named Hip Hop Flavours.

Chaos Dream

Sixth Sense

Myst Hop
(Karla & Harding)

Night Clouds

In Reminiscence