The Malström was our only supplier for sounds with which we sculptured a sonic background for the colourful but normally soundless under water world. MDP07 is great for all styles though!

Price per Unit (piece): €24.90


  • Over 150 combinators
  • Almost 200 new and unique malström patches
  • 15 RNS demo tracks with tutorial value
  • Due to its great variety of sounds MDP07 could also be called the Malström Workstation
  • Great for ambient, lounge, new age, jazz and electronic music in general but equally great to add some mysterious spices to your trance or techno tracks!

Musical Atmospheres for a colourful but soundless world

To get inspiration for this seventh part of our MDP-series we watched lots of old James Bond movies as well as the beautiful documentaries by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It was the breathtaking atmosphere of underwater scenes we were mainly heading for. The Malström was our only supplier of sound with which we sculptured a sonic background for this silent world.

Musical Instrument

Malström is not just a soft synth but it's a musical instrument which is capable to produce or reproduce just everything you wish for. Apart from pads you'll find in this refill great drums and percussion sounds, guitars and ethnic string instruments, soundscapes and beautiful leads. The modulation wheel and velocity playing are very important aspects to bring the patches come to life.  We always are focussed on these things while designing sounds but this time we had to give it some extra attention since this is the exact thing where Malström excells compared to other instruments.

Demo tracks and demo refill

All demotracks are composed and performed by Greg, the guy who mostly answers all emails at Sonic Flavours.  It has become a complete 40+ minutes album so sit back and relax while realizing that MDP07 is all about what the Malström can do to get to beautiful atmos. From the download section at our home page you can download a demo refill which includes all demos in RPS-format for further study.

Deep Sea
(Gregor Theelen)

Arabian Nights
(Gregor Theelen)

(Gregor Theelen)

Diving Deeper
(Gregor Theelen)

Different Signals
(Gregor Theelen)