This astonishingly creative collection became the most important inspiration resource for our Red Mouse refills. You'll get a little over 100 combinator patches which are all great songstarters for the more experimental music oriented producer. Great for film and documentary scoring as well. Also great for progressive trance producers who seem to be looking in the most distant and darkest niches to spice up their sound and beats.

Price per Unit (piece): €24.90


Ambient Beats

Soundscape Asylum

Bleeping Africa



21 combinator patches containing dark soundscapes and pads. 8 of them are ReQuencer type patches. Great stuff for all Mystic Dreampads fans and perfectly fitting in any score whether it's for movies or games. It's deep dark where this one came from.

24 combinators of which 12 are ReQuencer style. All these ambient downtempo beats are perfectly mixed with filters, reverbs and delays. Each beat has 7 variations conveniently programmed so you can give a great live performance only using the combinators controllers. So we put hundreds of nice drum and percussion samples into this Microfill so you can change the sounds while keeping the rest of the patch. There are also lots of electronic percussion subtractor patches to include into your setup. Every rightfull owner of Ambient Beats is allowed to use these loops for any production, of course, but I wouldn't do this if I were you. The beats sound very detailed and finished but they are made to be tweaked and changed. They are made to inspire.

Inspired by our succesful Mystic Dreampads series. With its 20 patches it's simpy too small to be called MDP 5. However, this one sounds just as great and it's all about synthesized voices and choirs. Ohmmmm...

43 combinators, 150 bleeping, scratching and banging samples, 10 rexloops and lots of malström and subtractor patches. Great for electronica, IDM, House, industrial and even urban stuff.