Invite the sound of Nature into Reason with loads of incredible nature sounds. Mystic Dream Pads 3 included for free! And there is even more!

Price per Unit (piece): €39.90


  • 50 nature scenes: Birds, chimes, ocean sounds, insects, jungles, night scenes, storms, thunder, dolphins and whales, a sleeping lion, water drips, camp fires, mountain streams, rain, swamps, wolves, frogs, rain forests, sheep, water falls and more. Long 60 secs+ loops on board!
  • 27 caleidophonic soundscape drones
  • 100 Nature's Call combinators to mix and create the perfect sceneries for your music production.
  • 100 Mystic Dream Pads (which come from Mystic Dream Pads 3)
  • 1 gig (uncompressed) samples: nature sounds, harp, mandolines, ethnic percussion, flute performances and synthesizer sounds.

Must have for documentary scoring
Nature's Call is the must have workstation for those who have (or want to get) scoring jobs for documentaries, film and computer games. Just think National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. But also New Age and Ambient music. All musical phrases will be copyright free for rightfull owners of a copy of our Nature's Call refill!

Caleidophonic Principle
This workstation is specially tailored for getting great results within a short amount of time thanks to the Caleidophonic Principle which enables the user to musically combine everything with the rest of everything as long as you stay in the key of C minor. Also great for video editors with good ears and some basic knowledge of Propellerhead's Reason.

Other keys are possible too, but all samples and performances are originally played and sampled in C minor: C, D, E-flat, F, G, A-flat, B-flat, and C. Sometimes A-flat is replaced by A (dorian) and sometimes D is replaced by D-flat (phrygian). So we didn\'t entirely follow the Caleidophonian Principle but you'll hear it instantly if something doesn't sound completely right.

Dream Pads
Mystic Dream Pads volume 3 has been created simultaneously with Nature's Call and counts 101 combinator patches to musically colour the nature scenes. This great combination of these two refills is more than a commercial sound design project. It's a musical ode to Nature itself in which every possible mood that Nature might evoke is represented.

Hot Summer

naturescall demo 2

South Lebanon

Ern Esr Hura Vien

Iron Lake

painting by Lynn van der Wel