UltraSphere is meant to be one step beyond Atmosphere! 170 combinator patches and lots more.

Price per Unit (piece): €34.90


At last.... UltraSphere, the refill on which we have been working for almost 3 years is out there! 170 + combinator patches bringing you to those landscapes everyone knows from movies by giant film directors like Wim Wenders, Clint Eastwood, Bertolucci and David Lynch. The ultimate atmosphere is something we call UltraSphere!


  • 170 combinators
  • 140 modules patches
  • over 10 tutorial tracks in RNS format
  • 500+ mb of unique samples: soundscapes, pads, E-bowed strings, tibetan bowls and ethnic percussion
  • Great for ambient music and scores for documentaries, games and films!
  • Lots of ReQuencer style percussion loops programmed for the combinator
  • All sounds designed by ambient artist Vaikhari and flavourised by Harding

Sleepless in Chicago

Home Curry






The Long Ride



One step beyond atmosphere

Vaikhari's wonderful collection of organic ambient sounds has been tweaked and molded into this great ultraspheric refill.  Singing bowls and guitar strings magnetically played using the E-bow form the main sources for beautifully sounding pads and soundtextures. Vaikhari's sound design work has a distinct character and is highly inspiring for composers on an ambient mission, just listen to our product demos!

Total control!

The Ultrasphere combinator patches behave like genuine musical instruments. During composing one can stack lots of sounds....of course one can. But these combinators can also be used as solo instruments due to the flexibility of the sounds themselves and the way the knobs, buttons and wheels are programmed. Programmed in such a way that tonal dynamics majestically rule over flat cliche like ideas concerning "sounding big".  And that's exactly where the fun of real music making starts! To get an idea of what we are talking about just listen to the track named Muse which has been played life using only one combinator patch!

Please note UltraSphere's fine electric guitar patches while listening to the demos. The basic samples come from Reason's factory soundbank! Thumbs up for those Swedish guys!