BioSphere is another level beyond atmosphere. 170+ combinator patches make you mingle and master all kinds of spheres while finetuning the exact ingredients you will be needing. Great for scoring documentaries like Planet Earth and Life. You'll have acces to sounds and patches varying from dark illbient to the sweetest new age around. Have fun going deep!

Price per Unit (piece): €34.90




Ambia Foo Shoo



Paradisium Two


  • 173 BioSpherical combinator patches covering a wide range of musical styles
  • Almost 30 tutorialsque rns files to enrich your musical inspiration
  • 200 samples (400 mb) including our original, moody home piano, some great flute phrases, pads, drums and some nature samples coming from Nature's Call
  • Almost 200 new patches for the synths and the reverb
  • The black and white movie voice samples coming from our demo track Omnisphere are not included in this refill.
  • About 30 combinator patches are new, altered, BioSpherized versions of some of our classics coming from refills like the Mystic Dreampads series as well as the Red Mouse refills. You can recognize them by their filenames starting with MDP (Mystic Dreampads) RM or RMMT (Red Mouse series). If you'd like more of these, please check out those other refills.